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The Original Giving, Sharing, Prayer Pass-it-on plate.

" Thank you so much for The Giving Plate. It is even prettier in person than on the website! ... It's such a great way to express support, concern and our interconnectedness. "

Kay Lindahl, Founder
The Listening Center and
The Alliance for Spiritual Community 

This is a Unique Prayer Plate. This prayer plate has the potential to spread Prayer, Healing and ThanksGIVING all over the world. Each time the plate is passed, the one who receives the plate is able to enter their name on the Internet (web) adding their own intentions and prayer request or comments. The continual intercession of prayers for each other, as each plate is passed, will bring many blessings and changes to our communities. Passing the plate on with a small gift to share, whether it is a note, goodies or something unique from you, will bring a smile to all who receive this plate. (See our Idea and Gift page) With this unique prayer plate you are able to track each plate as it travels your community, State and the World.

The Perfect Gift that keeps on giving.
The Perfect Christmas & Holiday Gift that keeps on giving. There is no charge for the Plate Tracking Service. The only cost is for the person who purchases the plate. For those who receive the plate, enjoy this unique gift of Giving and Sharing.

Click here for info on purchasing a new plate

This site welcomes and celebrates all Spiritual Traditions and Cultures. We Embrace the Diversity of our Faiths. Here we can come together and know - With God - All things are possible. Even for non -believers there is a time for HOPE and PRAYER. Praying for others, or intercessory prayer, is an opportunity to express God's love, healing Spirit, and increases our own joy. We ask you now to join with us as we pray for PEACE, HEALTH and HAPPINESS to the many who have passed - on this Original Giving, Sharing, Prayer Pass-it-on plate. May you find rich blessings in your life as you join with us in praying for others.

Click here to find out how the Giving Plate got started.

The Giving Plate - Established:
ThanksGiving Day 2004

(Each plate has a unique number for tracking.)


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